NY Elite Magazine

Interview about my artistic practice.


Museum Exhibitions 

Individual analysis of exhibitions I have seen over the course of my life (through 2012).

Hitlahavut Program Essay

This is an essay written in conjunction with my application to the Scholars Program at Ramaz Upper School prior to entering high school, explaining my background and interest in art and how I plan to expand on this in the coming years.


The Ramaz Artist Project

“The Ramaz Artist Project” is a new twelve episode web series that I produced which follows young artists (and students in Ramaz’s senior AP studio course) as they examine their favorite works at the Met.

RISE magazine

The Ramaz Upper School Creative Arts magazine, of which I was the founding editor and layout designer through Fall 2015. Check out our graphics, photo-essays, and articles here.

Parallax magazine

The Ramaz Upper School’s literary magazine, of which I served as arts editor. The 2016 and 2017 editions received a Crown award (the highest level given) from the Columbia Scholastic press. Check it out here here.

L’Art de France

A presentation I gave for my French class detailing different movements in the history of French modern art.