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Hi! I’m Moselle (Mola Pola was my childhood nickname).

I founded this site in the spring of 2014 as a way of chronicling my ongoing exploration of museums, galleries, and art shows around the globe, detailing my thoughts as a student in love with art. Over time, writing about art has helped clarify my voice as a critic in the making. A native New Yorker, I have been energized since infancy by the dynamic cultural climate of my hometown and thus have been exposed to myriad artistic institutions and creative experiences. However, in order to truly define these interactions as my own, I felt the urge to write about them; for me, language is a form of simultaneous translation that does not detract from the nature of the work itself but rather transforms it into something deeply personal. It is the processing of the arts through the lens of language that shapes how I view the human existence. And so began my Mola Pola journey.

On a less serious note, Mola Pola is intended not only to be informative but also entertaining– sometimes caustic, sometimes witty, I strive to always approach art and the art world thoughtfully, respectfully, and with some youthful naivete and itendencies. And I invite you to join me as I continue to investigate and involve myself in the art world, whether it be via twitter (@molapola), instagram (@mosellie), or this platform.

Photograph by Michael Low.

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