Month: September 2021

Note From My Archive

Hi! Welcome to MolaPola, my art history or “criticism” website active between 2014-2017, while I was in high school. These were blogging days, and my own so-called platform, seldom ever read by anyone beyond my immediate family, provided a much-needed outlet to practice, and play with, writing about art.

Here you’ll find articles or essays, primarily collations, of art and ideas I was compelled by at the time. Looking back, I wish I went farther, faster, or at least showed more of my cards. The copy isn’t great, it’s laden with cynicisms. However exaggerated my adolescent judgements seem to me now, I was, and still am, young and shy. Like many people in my present orbit, I caught a whiff of what art could be, and began articulating in public, before it could turn stale.

It hasn’t yet, perhaps because I have always been aware of, and concerned by, an inevitable inertia. Most of what I said on here many years ago has long passed its expiration date. I have done and seen and grown a lot, and yet am, at core, unchanged. The world I was so obsessed with as a kid is not necessarily any closer or clearer now, but I am less afraid of its machinations, and of a loneliness so universally felt.

Peruse as you see fit, and please enjoy any aberrations or abstractions. I take pleasure in knowing that at least, in some small sense, I am of a generation, with my own requisite time capsule hovering out in internet space, an asteroid portrait.

April 30, 2020