What’s In My Mailbox?

One of the wonderful things about the art world and about social media and technological communication in general is that we have this immediate ability to interact with and study current events without ever having to leave our houses. As soon as I reload my inbox, I am inundated with articles about the international art scene, new gallery and museum shows in both the New York area and across America, information about artist documentaries, promotions for various art schools, online magazine editorials, etc. In this day and age, contemporary arts and culture more often than not comes to us, rather than we to it. Sign up for emails from ArtNet News or Modern Magazine’s digital publication, and sure enough, during your morning commute, you’ll find yourself going through email after email until you tire of engaging with art through someone else’s virtual lens, and decide to check out the work for yourself. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the journals that make their way into my mailbox on a daily basis, considering they continue to provide me with insight into art and the art world and have proven to be generally entertaining. Feel free to comment below with links to your own favorite periodicals!


This Brooklyn-based (and boy, can you tell) site offers “an intelligent, although sometimes humorous forum for analysis of contemporary art and the art world today that also functions as in-the-know art groupies’ preferred destination for reviews of new shows and cultural events,” as I wrote periphrastically for MolaPola’s Inspirations page. Whether I was subconsciously referring to my unenlightened self when speaking of “in-the-know art groupies” remains to be seen, yet I have to say that Hyperallergic is a serious contender for my procrastinatory affection along with Instagram and Into the Gloss– i.e. it’s in good company. Hyperallergic’s unintentionally (?) satirical and purposefully playful hipster wit manifests in articles entitled Sweden Has A Phone Number and I called It, and Darkly Absurd GIFs of Famous Paintings, which are not only very well written in a linguistic respect but also thoughtfully researched. Here is their coverage of the latest art-world intrigue: a 3D printer-generated painting that is evocative of Rembrandt in every way possible.

Art in America’s Online This Week

I’ve already expounded on the many virtues of AiA in my post about February reads, but I have to suggest that in addition to purchasing the magazine’s April issue, that all interested parties sign up for the informative weekly newsletter listing the articles that have made it onto the site over the past few days. Their most recent roundup seems to be centered on land art, with multiple accounts of the history and ideologies behind artists’ earthscape pieces, in conjunction with Open PlanMichael Heizer’s current show at the Whitney.

Honorable Mentions: ArtNet News, E-Flux journal, Rookie’s eye-candy section, Art21 (I’m obsessed with their short films), Artsy’s magazine (plus podcasts), and Art & Education. Furthermore, if you have two minutes, read this.

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