Artist of the Month: Frederic Brenner

Artist of the Month (April)

Frédéric Brenner


Shlomi and Oren (2012) from one of Brenner’s series, now collected in his book, “An Archeology of Fear and Desire.” Copyright Artsy 2016.

Bio of Brenner (adapted from his Artsy profile) below:

Since 1978, anthropologist and photographer Frédéric Brenner has been exploring Jewish identity, chronicling the people and places of the Jewish Diaspora, and focusing on Israel’s complex topography. For his first project, he traveled to the ultra-orthodox enclave of Mea She’arim to photograph this transplantation of shtetl life to the Middle East. In 1981, he embarked upon his career-defining work, a 25-year journey around the world, documenting the Jewish Diaspora in the late 20th century. Of this project, he states: “I came out of it with a lot more questions than answers. Through it a sense of paradox was born in me.” Further questioning led Brenner to This Place (begun 2007), an ambitious endeavor, for which he brought together a group of world-renowned photographers, including Jeff Wall and Josef Koudelka, to produce a more nuanced portrait of Israel.

Visit the artist’s collaborative show, entitled This Place, at the Brooklyn Museum through June 5th.

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