A Quick Update

Hi readers!

I’d like to apologize for the lack of MolaPola posts as of late. In November, I sustained a severe concussion, or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and am still suffering from the impact. In the past two months I have been unable to read and write for long periods of time, much less write for MolaPola. My last article, on Archibald Motley’s show at the Whitney, was a rather depressing and linguistically weak one for this reason. However, as my health continues to improve, I will be reviewing exhibitions more and more often, and hope to further my commitment to this site via interviews, extensive commentary on the art world through my twitter account (@molapola), links to articles, and features on cool happenings in the rich New York art scene. In the meantime, feel free to experience my most recent endeavor– the latest issue of RISE magazine, entitled “Noir Nights.”

– MolaPola


  1. Moselle , I loved your new edition and hope that with each day you will feel better. Wishing you a רפואה שלימה! Much love, Joyce Sent from my iPhone Joyce Weitz


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