Assaf Evron at the Andrea Meislin Gallery

534 W 24th in Chelsea recently welcomed the works of Assaf Evron, an Israeli photographer, to its quiet streets. The solo show, entitled The Sea Was Smooth, Perfectly Mirroring the Sky, directly parallels the personality of its location: the pieces are soft and subdued, at first distant and then upon closer look, welcoming and even inviting discovery.

The main event is a series of photographs taken with an infrared camera that examine an Xbox’s projection of light beams onto various objects. However, the context and the background of this grouping– a triptych– remains second to the enigmatic beauty of the works themselves. These works are sprinkled with star-like shapes of a lavender color that create misty shadows when covering the geometric forms that are front and center in the works. The exploratory process is endless, with the result of the time spent studying the pieces being a feeling that one is immersed in a transcendental galaxy beyond one’s imagination. It just helps that the images themselves are covered in reflective glass that enables one to really feel situated within the pieces. And what could be better than having a tangible as well as the obvious emotional connection to an artwork? Oh yeah and perfect for a selfie.



  1. Thanks for sharing visit to interesting exhibition and for great photos. I really enjoy your reports. Keep mailing them.

  2. Enjoyed reading your review of Assaf Evron’s photography exhibit . Thanks for sharing your reports .They are descriptive as well as very interesting.

  3. Reading your review made me want to go and “enter” into the photographs myself. I loved the narrative and the photographs! thanks!!

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