Swooning at the Brooklyn Museum

Video is from the Brooklyn Museum’s YouTube Channel. Depicts Swoon talking about her work.

Like Ai WeiWei, Swoon is another magical artist whose new installation at the Brooklyn Museum, entitled Submerged Motherlands, transported me to another world. There were fabric pieces swirling upwards into an ethereal papery tree, with whimsical illustrations and intricate-paper cuts embellishing her sculptural works and adorning every corner of the museum’s gallery. There is no other way for me to explain the mystical properties of Swoon’s art, other than to suggest watching the short film linked to this post or visiting Submerged Motherlands yourself.

Editor’s Note: this post is one of the earliest written for MolaPola and thus might not be as sophisticated or evolved, in language and in content, as later articles. All stories featured on this site (precluding those by guest authors) are composed exclusively by Moselle Kleiner, without outside assistance. She has elected not to rewrite more primitive accounts like this one to maintain a semblance of the blog’s progression and thereby further emphasize future advancements. Thank you for understanding.

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